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One TV Nation, Divisible brochure

One TV Nation, Divisible

This article by Max Frankel was written in response to the merger of ABC and Disney. In it, he discusses an important change in the American media. It used to be that there were only ABC, CBS, and NBC, but today there are literally thousands of specialized "niche" stations, a phenomenon that has helped to break apart the cultural unity of the United States. At the dawn of the television era, everybody was forces to watch the same shows, simply because they were all that existed. The next day, everyone would laugh about the Honeymooners, or be saddened by the funeral of a President.

Today, we do not have this type of cultural unity, a fact that I tried to express in these pieces. In the poster, I divided the United States into niches, each of which resembles a television screen. I carried this idea into the brochure. As you open the brochure, you slowly move from black and white cohesive depiction of the United States to a chaotic niched depiction of the country. Opening the final fold revels the text in its niched entirety.