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Although there are many more magazines dedicated to gay issues today than there were ten years ago, there are still very few in proportion to those created for the heterosexual population. Therefore I decided to create a gay magazine. The magazine’s name, gttp:// is a reference to http://, the origins of the text. The ‘h’ in http:// was changed to a ‘g’ in order to indicate that the magazine is intended for a gay audience rather than an audience of internet enthusiasts.

The first article is Andrew Sullivan’s "What’s So Bad About Hate?," an article in which Sullivan examines, deconstructs, and then reconstructs popular notions about hate. The text and the images of a book entitled "SHHhhhh.......BANG" by Margarat Wise Brown was combined with Sullivan’s article. This book follows a little boy on his journey through a small town where everybody whispers. In this town, he runs into many problems based on the fact that everybody whispers except for him. Finally, he realizes that he must stand up for himself, and in so doing, makes the town a happier place in which to live.

I made the decision to combine Sullivan’s and Brown’s messages because of their similarities: that people must stand up and demand change before any change will occur. Another important part of this combination is the disruptive manner in which they are combined. The intention of this combination, as well as the typographic treatment, is to reflect the deconstruction and reconstruction that occurs within Sullivan’s article.