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ITI screen shot

ITI Redesign

There were a few goals in the redesign of the Infosystems Technology Inc website:

  • Give the website a fresh new look and feel
  • Create a website based on web standards
  • Create a site that is accessible to all users
  • Create a site that is easily updated by non-designers

The new site is much improved visually over the old site.

This redesign was more than just a face lift. The old site used JavaScript to determine what information the user wanted to view. While the use of JavaScript is widespread, the use of this technology, in this case presented problems. JavaScript is the language that is used to tell the web browser to launch a new window. Because of the annoying flood of pop-up advertisements, many people have disabled JavaScript in their browsers as a way of preventing the deluge. Those users were unable to view the old site, and, therefore, the company lost potential business. Another huge problem this this way of building sites is that while browsers understand JavaScript, most search engines do not. Since search engines are the tool used by many web users to find websites, it is imperative to make sure a website can be understood by a search engine.

The new redesigned website is based on XHTML and CSS. XHTML and CSS are web standards, so they will display properly in all modern web browsers. The pages are easier to ITI personnel to update, and most importantly, they are friendly to atypical browsers like screen readers for blind users, and the spiders that search engines use to crawl sites.