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NCSU College of Design recruitment CD-ROM packaging

NCSU College of Design Recruitment CD-ROM

This interactive CD-ROM was created for the North Carolina State University College of Design as a promotional recruitment piece to be distributed to high school students throughout the country. Completed with fellow student Tammy Baird, this piece conveys the experience of being a student at the College of Design from a student’s point of view.

We felt that the most important aspect of being a design student at the College is the journey of growth that one embarks on as soon as the first studio begins. This journey was the basis of the train metaphor within the piece. All imagery in the CD-ROM conveys this life changing travel. Not only does this CD-ROM include information about admissions and the College’s disciplines, it also contains over twenty interviews with design students. These interviews offer a window into the world of a design student by answering questions as varied as "What is critique?" and "What kind of projects have your professors assigned?"

Completed in August 2001, this CD-ROM was replicated and distributed the following month.

Note: The CD-ROM includes over 150MB of QuickTime video, in the form of student interviews and samples of student work. Because of space restrictions, the video will not be displayed on this site. All video images on this site have been replaced with screen captures of the video, and are designated as such by small QuickTime logos (Quicktime logo).