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Andrews Toolworks logo

Andrews Toolworks Identity

In 2003, it was decided that Andrews Toolworks needed an updated identity. At the time, the company did not have a single logo, but rather, was using a combination of logos. (The old logos can be viewed here.)

Although there were many logos in use at the time, the A mark was a common element. It was decided that since this mark transcended all of the logos, that it should be the basis of Andrews Toolworks’ new identity. All of the other elements were stripped away, and the company name was reset in Adrian Frutiger’s Apollo.

The new logo exists in 3 versions, the first version, shown above, is for color applications. The second version is for black and white applications. Since Andrews Toolworks manufactures tools, it was necessary to make a third version of the new logo. This version is longer and is suitable for placement on router bit shanks and other narrow spaces.